Career After PCB – Medical Field

Career After PCB – Medical Field

In science stream, a lot of students choose physics-chemistry biology trio for their main subjects
along with a language and one or two additional subjects. If you are students of one of them, you might be
thinking about what are the career options in this medical field? We are here to deal with the lot.Career After PCB- Medical Field


Most common option and most popular one when you think PCB as your +2 subjects is medicine.
even in this there are various forms. But most of us just think doctor. That’s where we all are
wrong. Being a PCB student myself, the only option i saw after I took Biology was MBBS. there are
othe forms of being medicine field as well. Let’s take a look at each of them, starting with the golden


The first choice of any student pursuing medicine is MBBS. Afterall it is the superhero job of saving
lives , being a doctor. But let’s face it, as much charming this profession is, MBBS asks for blood and
sweat, quite literally in fact. This popularity has made it the most difficult fields to get into, be it
India or the world.
Even then, if you have what it takes, what you are supposed to do is put all got into preparing for the
super difficult test for cracking the NTA’s National Eligibility cum Entrance Test – UG. This one has
high competition and the cut-off is quite high. Getting into top colleges requires high ranks.
Yearly, about 12 lakh students appear in this test after vigorous practice through the year. But
nothing your hard work can’t get you to. So this is what you love then start today, the day you
decide you need to start working for NEET. entering the medical college is not the end of it. there
you need work hard, long college hours, continued studying only can help you become the doctor
you want to be. Career After PCB – Medical Field


Being a doctor doesn’t just include your body ailments. So let’s focus on your teeth. Yes, another
medical prospective after PCB is being a dentist. The path of becoming a dentist after +2 with PCB is
same as MBBS. You have to sit for NEET-UG for entry into Dental colleges. The competition her is
no less, so is the struggle. This is a promising field for all PCB high school graduates.


Homeopathy and Ayurvedic system of medicine have been gaining popularity over the years. AYUSH
colleges are all over India that provide UG Courses as BAMS, BHMS. you can further pursue the
career by doing a post graduate in the mentioned courses.
The counselling for BAMS and BHMS occurs through NEET-UG itself.

So you see, NEET-UG is the entry gate for all the roads that lead to you being a doctor of different
forms of practices. Career After PCB – Medical Field


Nurse is another option in medical field apart from doctors. After all , more than doctors it is them
who are in more contact with patients, listening to their woes and taking their care. B.Sc. in Nursing
is your way to becoming a nurse. It is a Course of three years, theory accompanied by training in
hospital, that makes you the reliable nurse.
entrance tests are held by state education counsels and nursing colleges for entry, that helps you get
admission for the B.Sc.(Nursing) course.

Paramedical Help

Remember the people handling all the technical things in the hospital, or x-ray centres? Those are
the paramedical people. They are the helping hands in trauma and emergencies. They are important
health care workers.
paramedical courses are available in Bachelor’s degree , diploma and certificate forms. The
Bachelor’s degree can be in different branches including

 radiation technology
 physiotherapy
 occupational therapy
 medical lab technology etc.
Various institutes conduct their own entrance tests for admission in Paramedical courses.
The certificate and diploma courses can be opted after Class X itself. Career After PCB – Medical Field

Veterinary Courses

Love animals? Become their doctor and treat their ailments. The scope is bright for veterinarians.
you have to pass the entrance exam after 12th and enter the veterinary college. The course called
Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) is a five year course.
there is also option of BVSc in Animal Nutrition that is a 3 year course. BVSc pathology is also a
prospering career line.

Non- Medical Vocational Options

Biology doesn’t only mean medicine. it has many other aspects, non- medicinal and a bit unpopular.
But these career options have a bright future with the current global scenarios. Let’s take a look.


Ever wondered about the fascinating genes, how vaccines are made or the marvels of hybrid
creatures. All these are the achievements of Biotechnology. It works as a beautiful combination of
maths , genetics and biology to create wonderful results. This is a great career path for all those
curios minds out there that want to explore life at molecular level. Bachelor and Post-graduate
courses are available in this field and can be pursued as per one’s interest.Career After PCB – Medical Field


India is an agricultural country. That means a major part of Indian economy is from Primary
industries. So, the career options in agriculture are promising.
These include Bachelor degree in different fields like horticulture, fishery, agriculture etc.
B.Sc.(Agriculture) is a four year course that options as Assistant managers, Land geometric
Surveyors, Soil forestry officer etc. in plantations of tea, rubber, jute, agricultural produce markets.
There are self-employment options as well in form of Consultancy that helps farmers to improve the
quantity and quality of their produce. It includes bee farming, animal husbandry, sheep and goat
farming professionals as well.


It is a 3 year long full-time course that has emerged as a key biological science. It includes the study
of different microbial life forms and their characteristics so as to help determine their pathogenicity,
their effect on humans, and different bacterial products used by humans. Many colleges across india
take admissions for B.Sc.(Microbiology) directly.
Job profiles with this qualification includes Virologist, Bacteriologist, Bio-chemist, CellBiologist, etc.
If you are into these super-tiny creatures, this one is for you.Career After PCB – Medical Field

Teaching Profiles

Biology is a subject, love for which is developed in us by one of the teachers, that taught us through
our years in the school. If you also aspire to make others learn the subject you have so close to your
heart, you might consider teaching as one of your career options. You can decide to teach either at
school level, or further up at College.
For teaching at school level, you need to be a Biology graduate, i.e., a B.Sc. in biology subordinates
like botany, zoology, physiology, microbiology, etc. After this, you complete B.Ed. . Most schools
accept candidates with B.Ed. for teaching. But you can still further pursue your subject into post
graduate and Ph.D.
For being a professor, it is essential to have completed Ph.D in a particular subdivision of biology.
Then, you can apply to different colleges, for the post of professor or associate and assitant
professor, depending on your experience.

Opting out of PCB

This step can be chosen at the level of PCB +2 or after you have completed your graduate course.
But if you opt out of PCB at the level of +2, you get a whole lot of new opportunites depnding on the
stream you go into. If you decide to opt out of pcb after graduation you have the option of pursuing
genral competition career, i.e., SSC, Bank PO, UPSC, State PSCs, etc.
All above are just some options that are visible in the current scenarios. The choice in the end is
yours. Because at the end it is you, who is supposed to make the decision, and the career you make
your destiny.

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